Omega-3s and the Elite Athlete—Perspective from FC Barcelona’s Nutrition Team

3:00pm – 3:30pm / Thursday February 6th

Omega-3s have potential in the area of sports nutrition, and research, while still emerging, looks promising. One group of elite athletes, the players on the FC Barcelona futbol club, are experiencing the benefits of omega-3s firsthand. Dr. Antonia Lizarraga is a sports nutrition researcher at the University of Barcelona and head of the nutrition department for FC Barcelona working with nutritionist Mireia Porta. They will provide a background on the training and nutritional requirements of the elite athletes they work with — including futbol (men and women), basketball, futsal, hockey, and handbol players —  and the philosophy behind incorporating omega-3s into the nutritional regimen. They will also share the nutritional strategies used for situations like injury protocols, inflammation reduction or exercise recovery.


Dr. Mª Antonia Lizarraga Dallo Dr. Mª Antonia Lizarraga Dallo