Interactive Session: Sensory Standards for EPA & DHA Oils

11:30am – 1:00pm / Thursday February 6th

The sensory properties of edible oils are a key aspect to consider in product development and customer acceptance, as sensory attributes can vary substantially and determine an oil’s use in different types of products.  A collaboration of omega-3 companies in Norway has been developing a sensory classification for marine oils with a well-founded connection between an oil’s chemical properties and a quantifiable sensory perception. In this session we’ll cover how the sensory properties of oils are studied, and the implications for finished product development, as well as explain the new standard and how it can complement a marine oil certificate of analysis with a rating of the sensory quality of a fish oil or concentrate. The session will include an interactive tasting experience of omega-3 oils for all attendees.

Sensory Quality Standards for Marine and Vegetable oils (20-25 min)

Erminio Monteleone, Full Professor of Sensory Food Science, University of Florence 

Prof. Monteleone will provide an overview of sensory evaluation of oils focusing on two aspects: the development of a sensory standard to be used in quality control and how to approach consumer perception and acceptance of oils including cross cultural differences.

The Norwegian B2B Sensory Standard for Fish Oils (20-25 min)

Wenche Emblem Larssen, Senior Scientist, Møreforskning

Ms. Emblem Larssen will introduce the development and specifics of a new Norwegian sensory standard for EPA/DHA oils, which was created by a consortium of marine oil companies and specialists from academia. She will explain how a sensory standard can complement a certificate of analysis with a rating of the sensory quality of a fish oil or concentrate. She will also coordinate an interactive tasting session for all attendees, in which the sensory standard is put to practice.


Wenche Emblem Larssen Wenche Emblem Larssen Erminio Monteleone Erminio Monteleone