The Changing Medical Paradigm: How Tele-Medicine is Affecting the Patient/Doctor Conversation

9:00am – 9:30am / Thursday February 6th

By 2020, 50% of interactions with doctors in the US will be virtual. What does this mean for the omega-3 industry as it looks to educate healthcare practitioners of the future? Dr. Femke Ellens, MD, medical director of Teladoc Health, a global virtual care provider that provides online and on-the-phone medical advice to consumers around the world, will provide a look into this world. The presentation will highlight changes in consumer preferences for lifestyle medicine vs. sick care; how the patient-doctor dynamic is changing with the rise of telemedicine; and how things differ from culture to culture. Dr. Ellens will also highlight the changing vocabulary in medical conversations today and look at how technology is evolving past the traditional “Hippocratic concept of medicine.”


Femke Ellens Femke Ellens