Pre-Conference Workshop

Workshop 1 — Tuesday, February 4, 10:30-11:30, Hotel Arts (Gaudi 2 ballroom) 


4 Ways to Use the Omega-3 Index to Increase Your Omega-3 Category Sales

OmegaQuant’s Omega-3 Index is the most researched clinical test for consumers that links omega-3 (EPA and DHA) blood levels to positive health benefits. This tool has the potential to increase consumer intakes and compliance, and omega-3 companies can benefit by better understanding the Index and how to incorporate it into their business strategy.

As background, the Omega-3 Index is a safe, simple, self-administered blood test that measures the amount of EPA and DHA in your diet. These omega-3s have been shown in numerous studies to promote heart, brain, eye, and overall health, and OmegaQuant, inventors of the Omega-3 Index, has conducted research specifically correlating this test to positive health outcomes. To date, more than 200 research papers have used this methodology. It has also been used in some of the largest clinical trials, including the Framingham Heart Study and the Women’s Health Initiative.

Omega-3 Products + Omega-3 Index = Perfect Together

In general, people may believe they are getting enough omega-3s in their diet, or may not know how to obtain optimal levels of EPA and DHA through diet or supplementation. Even the majority of those who eat a lot of fish and/or take a supplement still may not be reaching the desirable Omega-3 Index target of 8% due to various factors, such as diet, gender, age, and genetics. The only way to quantify omega-3 status is through testing blood levels.

In this workshop, OmegaQuant will teach you four ways to use the Omega-3 Index as a powerful tool to not only motivate consumers to take their omega-3s, but also to educate them about the fact that they need more omega-3s in their diet.

These four strategies include:

  • Bundling the test with your omega-3 products on the shelf (including brief educational insert)
  • Merchandising the Omega-3 Index as a standalone test alongside your omega-3 products
  • Becoming an OmegaQuant Affiliate by recommending any of our omega-3 tests to your customers (plus access to our educational tools)
  • Using the test as part of your subscription model sales

What these strategies do for your brand:

New Customer Acquisition: Show customers they have a need for your omega-3 product

Customer Retention: Show current customers your product is working via an Omega-3 Index test — create brand loyalty and brand advocates

Differentiation: Purpose-driven testing — show customers that addressing health challenges is your brand’s main priority

The Omega-3 Index test can help you capture new customers who are interested in omega-3s but don’t know where to start. It will also strengthen brand loyalty with your current customers, who will now have the opportunity to personalize their omega-3 intake. For you, the Omega-3 Index test will give you a regular point of engagement with consumers and help bring more consistency to your sales cycle.

Join us for this important workshop to learn more about how OmegaQuant and the Omega-3 Index can support your brand.