Omega-3s and Sustainability (sponsored by DSM)

11:00am – 12:00pm / Wednesday February 16th

This session will be live-streamed.

Any time the conversation is about natural sources of nutrients, sustainability is always a key focus, and the fishing industry has been part of this conversation for decades. Recently, though, consumer interest has moved beyond questions focused only on the health of the oceans to a broader interest in companies' overall environmental, social, and governance-related (ESG) impact. Part of GOED’s strategic focus is better understanding global social responsibility schemes and how our members fit into ESG issues and the corporate social responsibility (CSR) models that address them. This session will showcase where GOED members are in their sustainability journeys and also include a panel discussion to help the audience better understand what consumers are thinking.

GOED Membership and ESG: A Status Update
Chris Gearheart
Director of Growth and Engagement

One part of GOED’s new strategic focus on the sustainability of the omega-3 value chain is measuring GOED members’ current approach to their environmental, social and governance-related (ESG) outcomes. How many members have a sustainability certification? How many officially report their ESG outcomes? How many have sustainability measures baked into their overall strategy? GOED’s Director of Growth & Engagement Chris Gearheart will answer those questions and more in a talk outlining the findings of GOED’s recent membership-wide sustainability survey.

Building a Sustainable Business

Antonio Hautle
Executive Director
UN Global Compact, Switzerland and Liechtenstein


Chris Gearheart Chris Gearheart Antonio Hautle