Understanding Consumers

3:30pm – 5:00pm / Tuesday February 15th

At the heart of commercial success for everyone in the audience is the omega-3 consumer, and understanding the consumer’s buying habits is key. Our Understanding Consumers session looks at the consumer in the two largest economies in the world, the US and China, as well as the rapidly growing market of India, with the latest data on consumer behaviors and trends in these three important markets.

Understanding Consumer Trends In Store and on Amazon
Daniel Harari
VP of Business Development
ClearCut Analytics

Caroline Davidson
Director of Channel Partnerships

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of online supplement sales and omega-3s are no exception. Amazon’s role in this cannot be understated and looking at where we are now is important when planning for the future. In this presentation, Dan Harari of retail insights firm ClearCut Analytics and Caroline Davidson of SPINS (which recently acquired ClearCut) will look at the “new normal” post-pandemic and provide intelligence on which consumer trend changes are here to stay. They will also compare the e-commerce world to the US natural channel and mass market channels, providing learnings to help drive future business decisions.

Understanding Chinese Consumer Purchasing Trends 
Jing Zhou
E-Commerce Specialist

Ten percent of global EPA and DHA omega-3 supplement sales happen in the Chinese market, a region that has experienced growth in the high single digits in recent years and continues to show strong growth potential. It’s important to know which product categories and brands are driving this demand, and in which of the country’s distribution channels, domestic Chinese e-commerce or the unique haitao or “cross-border e-commerce” space? Jing Zhou from e-commerce analyst TMO Group will explore answers to these questions and more about purchasing trends within the Chinese market.

Understanding the Indian Consumer 
Sandeep Gupta

India has potential as a huge, untapped market for EPA and DHA omega-3 products and understanding consumer behaviors and attitudes is key to leveraging this potential. Sandeep Gupta, an expert on the health and wellness consumer in India, will provide an overview of the omega-3 market in India and offer specifics on consumer insights and purchase drivers in this growing market.


Daniel Harari Daniel Harari Jing Zhou Jing Zhou Sandeep Gupta Sandeep Gupta Caroline Davidson Caroline Davidson