Joshua Anthony, PhD, MBA Nlumn

Joshua Anthony, PhD, MBA

Joshua Anthony, PhD, MBA, is Founder and CEO at Nlumn, a consulting company that works with food, nutrition and health-technology companies to help them compete in the personalized nutrition and health marketplace. Driven by the challenge of translating science to help people live healthier lives, he has worked collaboratively to help launch more than 150 science-based nutrition products. Realizing that consumer products and services were becoming progressively more tailored, Anthony sketched the idea for a new food hierarchy that reflected consumer trends evolving from “real food for all” to “nutrition personalized for me.” With Nlumn, he brings together like-minded companies and builds partnerships making personalized products more accessible to help consumers make better choices for their health.


Personalized Nutrition (sponsored by Omega Quant)
9:00am – 10:30am / Wednesday February 16th