Marie-Claude Vohl, PhD Universite Laval

Marie-Claude Vohl, PhD

Dr. Marie-Claude Vohl, Canada Research Chair in Genomics Applied to Nutrition and Metabolic Health, Professor at the School of Nutrition (Université Laval), and responsible of the Precision Nutrition Research Axis of the FRQS-funded Centre for Research on Nutrition, Health and Society (NUTRISS), is conducting research with three objectives in mind. First, Dr. Vohl and her team are seeking to identify the genetic and epigenetic factors that modulate cardiometabolic disease risk factors in obese individuals. Second, they are identifying how these genes interact with diet to modulate cardiometabolic disease risk factors. Finally, they are studying the factors that hinder and facilitate the use of nutrigenomics results by health professionals. Since the beginning of her career, Dr. Vohl has published more than 290 peer-reviewed papers and 420 research communications.


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