Peeking into the Future: SPMs and Other Hydroxy Fatty Acids (sponsored by BASF)

9:00am – 10:30am / Thursday February 17th

This session will be live-streamed.

With EPA and DHA omega-3 market growth slowing in many regions, the question is, where should we as an industry be looking for the next growth area and on which technological and scientific developments should we focus? SPM’s (specialized pro-resolving mediators) are omega-3 fatty acid derivatives that include resolvins, protectins and maresins, with potent biological activity of importance to the resolution of inflammatory disorders. These and other hydroxy fatty acids have potential to drive future growth in the omega-3 market and this session is designed to help the audience understand the science and the market opportunity that this category presents as well as potential challenges for product developers to consider.


Dr. Philip Calder Dr. Philip Calder Dr. Jesmond Dalli Dr. Jesmond Dalli Dr. Dietrich Conze Dr. Dietrich Conze Claire L. Kruger, PhD, D.A.B.T. Claire L. Kruger, PhD, D.A.B.T.