Peeking into the Future: SPMs and Other Hydroxy Fatty Acids (sponsored by BASF)

9:00am – 10:30am / Thursday February 17th

This session will be live-streamed.

With EPA and DHA omega-3 market growth slowing in many regions, the question is, where should we as an industry be looking for the next growth area and on which technological and scientific developments should we focus? SPM’s (specialized pro-resolving mediators) are omega-3 fatty acid derivatives that include resolvins, protectins and maresins, with potent biological activity of importance to the resolution of inflammatory disorders. These and other hydroxy fatty acids have potential to drive future growth in the omega-3 market and this session is designed to help the audience understand the science and the market opportunity that this category presents as well as potential challenges for product developers to consider.

Bioactive Hydroxy-Omega-3 Fatty Acids: A New Dawn for Omega-3 Research and Health Applications
Philip Calder, PhD
Head of the School of Human Development and Health
University of Southampton

Omega-3 expert Dr. Philip Calder will begin the session, focusing on outlining the potential of the monohydroxylated omega-3 fatty acid category, which are considered to act as precursors to SPMs, and that have been found to also impart and mediate a wide range of activities in the body, including regulating inflammation, platelet function and adipogenesis. Dr. Calder will focus mainly on Hydroxy EPA and DHA, covering their synthesis in biological systems, the potential health benefits these molecules have, and what happens to these molecules, and to SPMs, as EPA and DHA levels are increased in the body.

SPMs: Deeper Insights into New Therapeutic Targets
Jesmond Dalli, PhD
Professor in Molecular Pharmacology
The London School of Medicine

Dr. Jesmond Dalli, one of the top researchers on SPMs, will then introduce the various families of SPMs, including their formation, receptors, and mechanisms of action. He will discuss the importance of inflammation resolution as a new therapeutic target and provide new insights into the efficacy of EPA/DHA omega-3 oil supplementation.

SPMs: Analyzing the Product Development and Regulatory Landscape
Dietrich Conze, PhD
Claire Kruger, PhD
Managing Partners
Spherix Consulting Group

While SPMs and other hydroxy fatty acids are an exciting category with endless market opportunities, there are potential regulatory challenges in navigating market entry. Understanding premarket approval and claims regulations in the EU and US is important to ensure the success of your future product. A poorly worded claim or questionable marketing collateral can determine whether, for example, your product is considered a dietary/food supplement versus a pharmaceutical. Dietrich Conze, PhD, and Claire Kruger, PhD, Managing Partners at Spherix Consulting Group — which provides strategic solutions to clients in highly regulated industries — will lay the groundwork for designing and implementing a successful regulatory strategy for SPM market entry and provide food for thought to help companies manage their regulatory risk.


Philip Calder, BSc(Hons), PhD, DPhil, RNutr, FRSB, FAfN Philip Calder, BSc(Hons), PhD, DPhil, RNutr, FRSB, FAfN Jesmond Dalli, PhD, FHEA Jesmond Dalli, PhD, FHEA Dietrich Conze, PhD Dietrich Conze, PhD Claire Kruger, PhD, D.A.B.T. Claire Kruger, PhD, D.A.B.T.